Jean François Haeuw

Centre de Recherche Pierre Fabre - FR

Jean-François Haeuw holds a PhD in Life and Health Sciences, option Biochemistry, from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille (France) since 1990. After starting his career in the public domain, as a lecturer in Cell Biology and Biochemistry, he joined the Pierre Fabre group in 1992 where he started to work in the field of anti-viral and anti-bacterial subunit vaccines. Since the early 2000s, his research work is focused on the discovery of new immunotherapies to treat cancer, including monoclonal antibodies and antibody-based drugs. Currently, he is director of the research department “Biochemistry and Biological Characterization” at the Pierre Fabre Immunology Center (CIPF) located in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois (France). He is also leading a multidisciplinary group of research on targeted drug conjugates, including antibody drug conjugates. He has been actively involved in the discovery and development of several therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and antibody drug conjugates in oncology, some of them being currently evaluated in the clinic. He is co-inventor of 18 patents and co-author of 58 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.