Yale University - USA

Computer-Aided Drug Discovery and Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry Modeling in Solution

University of Pittsburgh - USA

total synthesis of natural products, organometallic and heterocyclic chemistry

Technical University of Dortmund - DE

chemical biology, protein X-ray crystallography and medicinal chemistry research

Emory University - USA

antiviral, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drug therapeutic agents

University of Magdeburg - DE

total synthesis of bioactive natural products, organometallic chemistry

University of Vienna - AT

Drug Design, Pharmacophore modeling, QSAR and 3D-QSAR molecular modeling

University of Piemonte Orientale -IT

Cannabinoids, natural compounds, isoprenoids

University of Perugia - IT

green chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, flow chemistry

University of Manchester - UK

enzymes as biocatalysts in organic synthesis

Trinity Hall College Cambridge - UK

interface chemistry/biology, chemoselective reactions on biomolecules

University of Graz - AT

biocatalysis, enzyme reactions

University of Pittsburgh - USA

design, synthesis and optimization of small molecule probes, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and infectious diseases

University of Oxford - UK

synthetic methodologies, multifunctional cooperative catalysts, catalytic systems

Bayer - DE

Oncology, natural product synthesis

Centre de Recherche Pierre Fabre - FR

antibody drug conjugates, cancer

University of Parma - IT

Chemistry-driven drug discovery, multi-target agents, MAOS, MCR, electrochemistry

University of Copenhagen - DK


University of Copenhagen - DK

Fragment-based drug discovery, multi-target inhibitors

GlaxoSmithKline - UK

TES Pharma - IT

Loughborough University (UK)

molecular imaging technologies, Positron Emission Tomography (PET)